RLT Source entered the world of eCommerce in 2009 and gained retail experience though various online platforms but like any business venture, we have taken our vast experience and education over the years and found a focus and niche where we excel.   We have honed our expertise as a retail contributor on the Amazon.com Marketplace whilst still maintaining a presence on other online sites such as Sears.com and eBay which includes an international customer base in addition to US sales.

We have found that there are millions of sellers simply taking orders on Amazon.com and competing in the “race to the bottom” on price whilst ignoring the effect this has on Brick and Mortar stores to maintain healthy operating margins. RLT Source is a top performing seller on Amazon because we believe in adding value to a brand by maintaining and exceeding MSRP and MAP pricing and providing quality products and services to our customers by partnering with premium brands.  We use our marketplace knowledge and expertise to promote and support a brands purpose and vision.

There are 4 ways RLT Source contributes to a brands success on the Amazon Marketplace:

  • Product Page Picture & Details Optimization – We evaluate current listings of your brand on Amazon and look for ways to improve the listing by providing higher quality images and product descriptions. We use keyword search programs to help populate product titles, bullet points, and descriptions with search terms that most effectively drive pre-qualified customers to your product, thus resulting in higher sales conversions.
  • Product Page Key Word Improvements – We research and test key words to find the best search terms associated with customer search for each product and incorporate these key words into the listing in 4 strategic locations. This helps the customer find your product much more successfully rather than it being buried in pages and pages of Amazon listings that are never even viewed.  Our goal is to get every listing we manage to show up on page one of Amazon search for its top 3 search terms.
  • PPC Advertising – We drive traffic to your brand through targeted keyword and search term marketing.  This not only results in increased sales but raises the product’s exposure in Amazon’s organic search algorithm, thus increasing brand recognition on Amazon’s marketplace and in Google’s search engine as well.
  • Premium Packaging – One of our specialties is observing the items that customers are purchasing together and then creating unique bundle listings of complementary items that help improve the customer’s buying experience and also create another opportunity for brand exposure for our partners.

Every brand has different goals, objectives, restraints and opportunities. RLT Source will partner with you to help your brand to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace and beyond.

The brands shown below represent some of our partners and the listings shown on this website are products that we currently offer or have offered in the past and are a sampling of the types of products we have marketed and sold successfully in our niche.

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