Countertop Dish Drainer Black Dish-Drying Rack with Utensil Holder

This Countertop Kitchen Dish Rack makes a great compact kitchen accessory. Keep it handy near the sink or in the sink for a no-mess dish-drying solution. It features a cup to keep your utensils dry without spilling on to the counter. Small Dish Drying Rack is also handy as a camping or rv dish rack.

Dish Rack small

  • Small Dish Drainer for Kitchen Counter holds up to 10 dishes with room for flatware.
  • Black Flat Wire Powder-Coated Metal construction resists moisture and rust.
  • Versatile Kitchen In Sink Dish Drying Rack measures 14 x 12 x 5.5 inches.
  • Metal Dish Drainer comes with matching black removable plastic silverware holder.
  • The Stylish modern streamline design makes a classy kitchen storage solution.

Black Dish Rack