Cast Aluminum Ice Cream Bucket with Lid and Sorbet Scoop

Everyone loves ice cream…until it starts to melt. Now you can savor each bite without feeling rushed. Simply place a pint or carton of ice cream into this metal alloy container for a long-lasting chilled treat.

Ice Cream Bucket1 Ice Cream Bucket2 Ice Cream Bucket3

  • This Ice Cream Maker companion perfectly stores your homemade ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, yonanas and other frozen treats, keeping them cold while being served.
  • The Ice Cream Tub measures 4.25 by 4.25 inches and holds approximately a pint of ice cream to make entertaining effortless and attractive.
  • Forged from sand cast aluminum, the design is lidded and includes a scoop easily held by the side loop. The durable and lustrous cast aluminum holds a chill to keep ice cream fresh longer.
  • Frozen Dessert container includes a matching lid with knob handle. Keeps your ice cream nice and cool.